Balance For Earth is excited to announce the launch of a cigarette butt recycling program throughout the community. Every year, billions of cigarette butts end up in dumpsters and landfills, or get tossed as litter on shorelines, parks, and sidewalks across the US. This impacts not only us as individuals but everyone from the community, business owners, residents as well as the environment and all wildlife. The waste collected through this program will be recycled into a variety of tangible products for the community beginning with park benches. Some of the strategies and solutions of this program includes:

- Placing cigarette recycle containers at key locations throughout the community, followed by regular collection and maintenance; Once collection goals are met the waste is recycled into tangible products to be enjoyed by the community such as park benches.

- Raising awareness and educating the community using public service messages, creating engaging videos and leveraging social media platforms to reach the largest audience possible, also working with media outlets to keep the message in front of the public.

​- Website with interactive map showing each location and how much has been collected at each location, as well as how far we are from the next goal. 

- Encouraging the enforcement of litter laws, including cigarette litter

Balance For Earth is a 501c3 non-profit organization creating films empowering sustainability, environmental connection and protection. Our projects are reducing negative impacts, promoting conservation based research, public outreach, advocacy, stewardship and environmental education. Through these efforts Balance For Earth will motivate and empower the community to preserve and protect the environment, its beauty, economic benefit and enjoyment for future generations.