Balance For Earth is a 501c3 non-profit organization creating films empowering sustainability, environmental connection and protection. Our projects are reducing negative impacts, promoting conservation based research, public outreach, advocacy, stewardship and environmental education. Through these efforts Balance For Earth will motivate and empower the community to preserve and protect the environment, its beauty, economic benefit and enjoyment for future generations.

The Save Our Lagoon Series was produced by Dylan Hansen to pass the referendum to fund the Brevard County Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan. A half cent sales tax on Brevard County for 10 years to fund the projects needed to restore the Indian River Lagoon. (All funds will be put in a separate trust account that is looked over by the strong oversight committee of diverse individuals, additionally there will be an annual independent audit conducted)

UPDATE: The Save Our Indian River Lagoon Referendum won with 62% YES votes. Funding is approved for the 10-year project plan to restore the Brevard County portion of the Indian River Lagoon. Thanks to the voters of Brevard County who agreed to fund Lagoon restoration.